1. Visit our website at
  2. Fill out the form with the required information. Follow the instruction:
  3. Type of Services Needed–enter ASL interpreter (1) for 1 hour assignment, team interpreter (2 interpreters) for 2 hours or more assignment.
  4. Gender Preference: click on the drop list
  5. Requester Name: your name/business name
  6. Requester Phone: your/office phone number
  7. Requester email: your office/your email address
  8. Client: Name of the client
  9. Situation: example: English Class at University of Knoxville, Annual Physical Check up
  10. Job Sessions
  11. Add Single Date
  12. Click in the Date field to enter the date of the job; a calendar will automatically appear. To add more dates, click on the Copy icon to the right of the Notes field. To remove a date, click on the red X.
  13. Enter the Start Time and the End Time of the job.
  14. Enter the number of provider(s) needed.
  15. Any notes specific for the provider(s) can be entered in the Notes field.
  16. Make your way through each box.
  17. Job Site information,
  18. Site name
  19. Building & Room (please provide accurate information)
  20. Address (where interpreter should drive to)
  21. Area name if have any.
  22. X-Street
  23. Nearby Landmark
  24. Dress code (use drop list to make selection)
  25. On-site contact (provide a contact that an interpreter can call in case of emergency)
  26. Where to Park
  27. Parking fee
  28. Directions (provide direction for in-person. Provide Zoom link for Zoom meeting) Providing full details in your request will allow the office to schedule without needing to ask / wait for additional information.
  29. Providing full details in your request will allow the office to schedule without needing to ask/ wait for additional information.
  30. Option 2: Add Pattern Dates
  31. The process is the same as entering a single session job with a few additional steps.
  32. Enter the Start and End dates for the job.
  33. Select the days of the week the sessions will occur. For example, if a training session is held every Monday and Thursday for a month, check the boxes next to Monday and Thursday.
  34. Select Every Other box if the sessions occur every other week.
  35. Follow steps 2-6 above.
  36. Submit the form.