Case Management & Outreach

Referral Specialist:

Our Case Management and Outreach Referral Specialist is a dedicated professional committed to serving the Deaf community and the wider public. With a focus on advocacy, resource provision, referrals, and educational training, our specialist excels in a range of areas, including ADA Law, Deaf Culture, Interpreting Services, and more.

Services Offered:

Advocacy: Our specialist champions the rights of the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind, and DeafDisabled community, ensuring equal access and opportunities in various aspects of life. Through advocacy efforts, they strive to eliminate barriers and promote inclusivity.

Resources Provision: We understand the importance of access to relevant resources, Our Specialist ensures that the Deaf community and others have access to the information and tools needed for personal and professional growth.

Referral services: Navigating the diverse landscape of services can be challenging. Our specialist facilitates connections by providing targeted referrals to trusted organizations and professionals, ensuring individuals receive the support they need.

Educational Training: Our specialist offers comprehensive educational training programs. Specializing in ADA Law, Deaf Culture, and Interpreting Services, these programs are designed to enhance awareness, competence, and understanding among various stakeholders.

Our Case Management and Outreach Referral Specialist plays a vital role in bridging gaps, fostering inclusivity, and empowering individuals. By providing a range of services and expertise, they contribute to creating a more accessible and understanding community for all.