Interpreting Services

Interpreting Services

Welcome to Knoxville Center of the Deaf (KCD), your trusted partner in breaking down communication barriers for over four decades. For 46 years, KCD has provided top-notch interpreting services to the communities in and around Knoxville, Tennessee, fostering inclusivity and understanding among diverse cultural groups.

At KCD, we specialize in American Sign Language (ASL), spoken English, and protractile American Sign Language, offering comprehensive interpreting services meticulously tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're scheduling a medical appointment, legal consultation, academic session, presentation, funeral, wedding, or any other event requiring communication support, KCD Interpreting Services has got you covered.

How does it all work?

Business vendors such as medical offices, schools, law firms, and others reach out to KCD Interpreting Services to discuss their specific requirements and inquire about interpreting rates. Upon reaching a contractual agreement, our dedicated team springs into action, diligently matching the needs of the assignment with our pool of qualified interpreters.

‌Our team of interpreters, with their expertise across various settings, ensures seamless communication in diverse environments. We understand the importance of every request and strive to fulfill them with unwavering professionalism and efficiency, giving you the confidence that your communication needs are in safe hands.

‌At KCD, effective communication is the cornerstone of meaningful interaction. Our interpreting services aim to bridge the gap between different linguistic and cultural communities, promoting inclusivity and accessibility for all.

‌Whether you're a business seeking reliable interpreting support or an individual needing communication assistance, Knoxville Center of the Deaf is here to serve you. Reach out to us today, and let's work together to facilitate clear and meaningful communication in every interaction.

‌Please email your request to or call 865-579-0832