Meet the Staff


Terry Osborne, CEO

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Glassboro State College
  • Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling, The University of Tennessee
  • KCD Director of Community Services, 2007-2011

Terry became the CEO of Knoxville Center of the Deaf in November of 2012. A golf enthusiast, Terry is always looking forward to KCD’s annual Golfing with the Deaf tournament. He enjoys spending time with family, especially his new grandsons.


Craig Lemak, COO

  • Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology from the University of Tennessee
  • Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Tennessee
  • KCD Staff since 2012

Craig has professional experience in Vocational Rehabilitation, Public Relations, and Deaf Advocacy. He is an adjunct faculty member at UT in the ASL Program. When the weather is nice, Craig enjoys biking with his wife and 2 kids.


Janet Cheney, Scheduler/Interpreter

  • Professional Interpreter Training from Maryville College
  • KCD Staff since 1991

Having Deaf grandparents, Janet grew up in the Deaf community. She began interpreting professionally in 1978 and joined the KCD staff in 1991 as the Communications Manager. Janet now schedules interpreters for the 20+ counties served by KCD.


Becky Wood, Job Placement Coordinator/Special Events Coordinator

  • Bachelor of Arts in ASL-English Interpreting from Maryville College
  • KCD Staff since 2013

Becky has worked with KCD for many years and in many capacities. Before becoming a staff Interpreter and Job Placement Coordinator, Becky was a KCD student intern, receptionist, contract interpreter, and EmerCorps Program Coordinator. In her down time, Becky enjoys life with her daughter, husband, dogs, and rabbit.


Dawn Munroe, Senior Interpreter

  • BITP, University of Tennessee, 1992
  • RID Certified since 1996
  • KCD Staff 1992-2014, 2016-Present

Dawn has been working professionally within the Deaf community for over 20 years. Growing up with Deaf parents, Dawn has a unique ability to work with and understand clients. Her experiences make her a fantastic role model for all of our interpreters. In her spare time, Dawn enjoys traveling with her husband and supporting both the UT Vols and the Boston Red Sox.


Kaitlin Gentry, Interpreter/Webmaster

  • Bachelor of Science in Special Education: Interpreting from the University of Tennessee
  • RID Certified since 2018
  • KCD Staff since 2014

Kaitlin has been with KCD since her internship in 2013. She received her professional sign language education from Pellissippi State, Maryville College and The University of Tennessee. Because Kaitlin grew up loving the Vols, she moved from New Jersey to attend college at UT. Her dogs, Reggie and Miss America, love living in Knoxville.


Arthur Clayton, Interpreter

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Mercer University
  • Master of Arts in Applied Theology from Carson-Newman University
  • KCD Staff since 2018

Arthur is from Knoxville and was raised in the Deaf community as a CODA. Arthur enjoys serving the Deaf community in many capacities such as serving as a bi-vocational pastor for a Deaf congregation. Arthur is married with two kids and enjoys cooking for them as well as others.


Paul Moore, Interpreter

  • Currently enrolled at Pellissippi State Community College
  • KCD Staff since 2017
  • TRID Knoxville Co-Representative

Paul started working with KCD in 2012 as a freelance interpreter until he briefly moved to upstate New York. In New York, Paul worked for a few years as an interpreter before coming back to KCD as a freelance interpreter in May of 2017. Later that year, in September, he was hired by KCD as a staff interpreter. Paul is an avid Star Wars fan, and loves Halloween.


Emily Yoder, Interpreter

  • Bachelor of Arts in Sign Language Interpreting from Bethel College
  • KCD Staff since 2019

Emily joined KCD after her internship and graduation from Bethel College’s Interpreting program in May of 2019. She is from Northern Indiana but grew up in Northern Wisconsin. In her down time, Emily enjoys exploring new places and meeting new people.


Amanda Thompson, Interpreting Intern

  • Associates in Science Degree, The University of Tennessee
  • Fall 2019 Intern

Amanda’s experience with the Deaf community began in high school when she met her best friend who happened to be Deaf. From then on, she became intrigued to learn more about the Deaf community, culture, and language. She is currently working towards obtaining an Educational Interpreting degree at the University of Tennessee which she will complete in December, 2019. After graduation, Amanda will seek employment as a freelance interpreter which will aide in her long-term goal of obtaining RID Certification and becoming a professional interpreter. Amanda enjoys being involved with the Deaf community and attending all events. When she is not working on school, she enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, softball, and swimming.


Monica Shimmin-Orr, DeafBlind Services Coordinator

  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Gallaudet University
  • Master of Science in Leisure Service Administration from Gallaudet University
  • Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies from Sunset International Bible Institute
  • KCD Staff since June 2017

Before becoming a DeafBlind Services Coordinator at KCD, Monica spent most of her adult life as a student, employee and friend on the campus of Gallaudet University in Washington, DC. One of her jobs was as a part-time freelance DeafBlind Interpreter with Gallaudet Interpreting Services at Gallaudet University from 1992 to 2006. When she is not working at KCD, she enjoys working as an SSP and teaching individual ASL sessions to home-schooled students. In her down time, Monica enjoys spending time with her husband, her church family, and her 2 cats.


Becky Higdon, Business Assistant

  • Associate of Applied Science with a concentration in Photography from Pellissippi State Technical Community College
  • KCD Staff since 1995

Even though Becky grew up with Deaf siblings, she pursued professional sign language training at Pellissippi State. Becky spends time enjoying outdoor activities with her family.


Rachel Brock, Administrative Assistant

  • General Associate of Science from Pellissippi State
  • Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration from King University
  • KCD Staff since 2018

Rachel joined KCD in August of 2018 after spending several years living in Washington D.C while attending Gallaudet University. Now, she enjoys spending time with her husband and son.